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A ping pong ball kept aloft by an upturned hairdryer, by mere hot air, is at once the most modest and the most portentous work in this major retrospective of Damien Hirst.

Since 2009 I have been on the art beat for Culture24, a consumer website with a remit to support galleries and museums around the UK. .

Culture24 website

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Dubuffet's love of raw creativity was of a piece with the social revolutions taking place. His invention of Art Brut was perhaps the rough, raw yin to Pop art's glossy yang.

Brooklyn's finest art blogazine has a dedicated and widespread readership, drawn by a reputation for intelligent criticism and quality writing. I have been with them since 2012.

Hyperallergic website

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Frame & Reference

This Summer one of the less heard stories about the Olympics must be the fact that, in cultural terms at least, the South East ran a very close race with the capital.

Since 2012 I have also written in depth features for this serious minded webzine dedicated to art venues in the South East CVAN network.

Frame and Reference website

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Bad at Sports

To respond to the art world with a fish may be a surrealist gesture. But to respond with an entire fish counter . . . is surely pushing the 20th century genre to breaking point.

Another of the art world's best respected sites, Bad at Sports made its name with podcasts and now publishes written stories from Chicago and much, much further afield.

Bad at Sports website

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News Of The World

Younger readers may only know Boy George for his past drug problems and brushes with the law. But the 80s gay icon can still remind people he once held a spot on pop's A-list.

For two years I was lucky enough to be News of the World's Brighton gig correspondent. It was, at the time, the biggest selling sunday paper and great fun to write for.